About us

Welcome to the official home page of an international federation whose main goal is to help promote pole fitness sport in the mainstream and unite pole fitness governing bodies worldwide. Membership is free. IPFF is being established to broaden the appeal of pole fitness to a general audience and to recruit more enthusiasts to the exciting sport. As much as most pole enthusiasts and experts long and dream for the sport to be included in the Olympics, we feel it is still necessary to improve and increase the value of the sport itself and promote it in a positive light before others can give the sport the respect it truly deserves. Like all things, when something is successful and packaged right, everything else will fall into place. We stand a better chance united to prevent pole fitness sport from being a thing of the past rather than something so beautiful that needs to be nurtured, valued and improved. By joining hands, ideas and strength, pole fitness can indeed reach an all time high in mainstream sport. United together positively we can have a bigger voice, loud enough to be heard that pole fitness is here to stay. We will help promote members, pole businesses and association’s events worldwide. We welcome all associations and individuals worldwide to contact us at [email protected]

While the website is still underconstruction, please feel free to send in your logos and details for inclusion on the website. Feel free to copy the logo above for your websites and promotions, we shall return the favor by adding yours to our website as soon as it is up and running. We welcome everyone to IPFF, a federation for all pole fitness enthusiasts worldwide. We have more exciting news to come, something special is also in the works for spring 2017. Please visit us again soon.